Fraps Cracked Full Version For Free 3.5.9

Sharing some useful cracked software that user can’t pay to use is one of the work that we like to do. We have some great cracker as well who are expert on cracking the code of some sophisticated programs. We don’t simply crack any software and share them with public. We are specific for that work.Fraps cracked full version download We first analyze the software and it’s popularity. If the software is quite popular then we check it’s price and the functionality. If the price doesn’t match the quality then we request for crack. Another exceptional case is if the software is extremely popular then we let users to try them first by cracking such software like this one i.e fraps cracked. If you are simply here to download fraps cracked then you can download fraps full version right from below link ( You can skip reading rest of the part ).

fraps crack download

What is Fraps? And Fraps Cracked ?

On youtube you can see large amount of game play videos which are uploaded by users like you. Those high quality game play videos on youtube are created using fraps, A windows based multifunctional software that is capable of benchmarking, screen capture and video capture. The name fraps itself stand for frames per second. It is a windows tool that is capable of recording any games on PC. It can record videos upto a 7680×4800 resolution and 1-120 frames per second. This awesome tool can be downloaded and tried as trail with some limitation for free. To get full version without any restriction you have to pay money which is not small amount. So here come another option which is fraps cracked.

How does this fraps crack come?

There are some good peoples like John who loves to share what they got. He has shared a great tool i.e fraps crack which is full version of fraps for free. Yes you heard it correctly it is free. Actually team cranker were able to crack software code and were able to bypass the registration key process.

Does It need some specific knowledge to use the software(cracked fraps)?

Nothing specific knowledge in needed to operate it. You have used the trail version so it is same like that. The software came pre cracked. You download the software from link below and simply install it and start using it. No need to apply crack or hack. It’s like download and run.

Is there any limitation like in trial version of fraps?

If you are searching for cracked fraps full version then you have probably used the trail version. This cracked version of fraps is nothing different than trail but it don’t have any limitation. This is full version like paid one. None of the function is disabled on this release.

Is it safe to use fraps crack?

Short answer is of course it is 100% safe to use this software. For your satisfaction we have included a virus total scan report for the file that you are going to download. If you still have any doubt you can always scan this once again on virus total or on you own pc.


fraps cracked download

Is it latest version or some older one?

The version here is version number 3.5.99 which is the latest one at the time we are sharing this tool with you. But you don’t have to worry about future update as once this is installed you can always update the tool to latest one.

Why choose this fraps cracked shared here than at other?

Internet is full of scams. More peoples tends to scammed on online than on real life. You may come with other full version of fraps online but that might put your computer to risk. Some are even not sharing what they are supposed to. You might end up with another file or your computer might infected with viruses.


Features of this fraps cracked version.

  • No extra knowledge needed to use the software i.e fraps crack
  • Virus and malware free
  • Works on windows 7,8,8.1 and 10
  • Both 32 and 64 bit supported
  • Fast download server available
  • Can get future update automatically
  • All functionality unlocked


Details for installing cracked fraps full version

  1. After downloading fraps full version for free extract it using winrar or other zip software
  2. Install the software using setup.exe
  3. Copy the fraps crack file from crack folder to installation directory
  4. You are ready to use the fraps without any limitation. Enjoy fraps cracked.

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